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Fri Nov 16 20:56:32 PST 2018

Hi Bruce


Thank you very much for reaching out. This is likely to be a short discussion due to me potentially learning that my infrastructure possibly has shortfalls that I did not appreciate until just recently.


What I was hoping to do is deploy Windows from a Thecus branded NAS. Natively the NAS does not support PXE, but with community created mods it is achievable. So with this mod <http://www.thecus.com/sp_app_intro.php?APP_ID=357>  I went about configuring the NAS to achieve this. Since also the author of the mod mentions SYSLinux I naturally sought information on it, however started researching PXELinux because it seems to target what I needed to achieve.


The first question I will ask is whether PXELinux, like chain loading iPXE, requires a server running DHCP services. This is the item I do not have other than a simple modem/router. If I need a DHCP server then I may as well go back to Windows software like Serva.


Thanks again for your attention.



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On 11/15/18 6:13 PM, Anfo via Syslinux wrote:

Hello all
I was just hoping to see if there was a forum, or a patient individual kind
enough to help me configure PXELinux (I only understand the wiki to a
point). Apologies for using this medium to call for aid as I've been unable
to locate an alternative support channel.


Like most wiki's, it's kind of unstructured. That said, I'll be happy to help off-list. I use a fairly extensive, if repetitive pxe rig in my shop

A short course is:

Set up dhcp to serve IP addresses and point to the pxe boot file as needed.  I use tftp for that. The tftp server you use matters.  I use the hpa tftp server.

Then the configuration begins

Talk to you soon

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