[syslinux] lpxelinux.0 problems with CentOS 7.6

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 28 08:33:02 PDT 2019

> What can I do to further diagnose this issue?
The email thread you linked to (still) continues; it does not finish in 
May 2019.

Reading the whole set of emails in that email thread, you will notice 
that the other email thread is slightly different than yours (and 
actually that email thread has not finished yet). In spite of the 
differences, the suggestions that were already given in that other 
email thread are also relevant for the symptoms you are seeing (e.g. 
test Syslinux-related packages from current Debian Sid; use "LINUX" 
rather than "KERNEL", CSM vs. UEFI mode...).

I would suggest (re-)reading the entire email thread (sorted by date), 
not only the emails from May 2019. Hopefully sharing the results of 
your tests would help narrowing down the problem(s).

FWIW, there are even more tests that I could suggest (for both 
problems); I can only hope that at some point Peter (hpa) and/or Gene 
will get involved.

@hpa, the problem described in the other email thread is in Syslinux, 
not in Cisco's hardware/firmware.


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