[syslinux] CTRL+X LSS16 Image embedded in "DISPLAY message" no longer works?

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 14:13:02 PST 2019

> I've been using a graphical logo at the pxelinux prompt in our LAN for
> many years. It's always been the same LSS16 picture, and it's always
> been working fine. I've been using pxelinux 3.53 until recently. Right
> now I'm in the process of introducing "UEFI netboot" into our LAN, and
> also the diskless boot into Debian would make use of some goodies
> (variables) from modern pxelinux... hence my attempts to migrate my
> setup to pxelinux 6.03. I've downloaded a tarball with pre-built
> binaries.
> Apart from other things, I've noticed in 6.03 that our graphical logo is
> no longer displayed, although the "DISPLAY message" text appears just
> fine.
Problems - to say the least - with LSS16 images have been reported 
several times since the release of version 5. Unfortunately, there has 
been no improvement in the code that would solve these. That's under 

Under UEFI, not only that LSS16 images are not being displayed, but all 
sorts of inconsistencies regarding the boot screen(s) and the boot 
prompt have been reported too. Most of the rendering/displaying 
problems have not been resolved.

At any rate, to anyone attempting to use/test Syslinux (in any of its 
variants) from version 6+, I would suggest at least version 6.04-pre1, 
or, even better, the current binary packages from Debian Testing, over 
the possibility of using/testing 6.03.


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