[syslinux] How to suggest fixes to wiki.syslinux.org ?

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 19:22:03 PST 2019

> By the way, I also had this question.
> I wanted to add some information that I researched and that is not
> documented at a wiki page, but I could not do that. I even could not
> edit a talk page! I have subscribed to this mailing list because of I
> could not find other communication channel.
> My opinion is that it is wrong behavior. It breaks openness and looses
> ability of community improvements of documentation. But if it is done
> against spam, than probably introduce a capcha or a question like on
> Arch Linux wiki?
And such matters are already posted (e.g. reasons for blocking by 
default, contact info,...)

There are more than a hundred wiki pages. Additionally, the official 
documentation (included in the official distribution archives) is 
scattered, between plain text files located in several directories, 
manual documents, and asciidoc files converted to html. That's all 
official documentation; there are non-official documents and downstream 
docs/wikis too.

It is not uncommon for people to ask for information that is actually 
already documented somewhere.

If there is some info that is not included, the best way to let users 
and developers know about it is to post it in the mailing list, where 
it can be eventually discussed and potential improvements to the code / 
behavior might be triggered too.

Having said that, the level of activity for The Syslinux Project is 
rather (very, very) low, whichever communication channel is used.


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