[syslinux] current state of pxelinux for UEFI...

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 7 16:42:45 PST 2019

> Any response would be welcome :-)
As usual, builds/versions should not be mixed, at least within the same 
platform (bios/ia32/x64).

Currently, the Syslinux-related binary packages in Debian are:

_ extlinux
_ isolinux
_ pxelinux
_ syslinux
_ syslinux-common
_ syslinux-efi
_ syslinux-utils

The list of packages and their contents might (or might not) change in 
the future.

I don't know for how long we will have to repeat the following: the 
current official upstream git master head is not worth testing, as it 
will either FTBFS or the resulting binaries will fail. Testing official 
upstream 6.04-pre2 or 6.04-pre3 will fail too.

Unless potential regressions are part of the testing goals, there is no 
point in testing with official upstream 6.03 when 6.04-pre1 (or, even 
better, the current Debian Testing binary packages) are available.


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