[syslinux] Suggested update to the Wiki page on PXElinux (UEFI-related stuff in ISC dhcpd.conf)

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 14 16:24:38 PST 2019

> > The dhcpd.conf examples in the wiki page were modified from "nn:nn" to
> > "decimal" format by HPA in 2016 (quoting HPA: "UEFI - clean up
> > dhcpd.conf examples").

> > If during the next few days there are no new emails objecting the
> > suggested change, I'll revert the dhcpd.conf examples in the PXELINUX
> > wiki page back to "nn:nn" format. Although feedback from GeneC and
> > from HPA regarding this matter would be particularly interesting,
> > comments from anyone are very much appreciated.
No objections were posted. Done.

Thanks to those who provided feedback.


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