[syslinux] syslinux.efi and vendor-class-identifier

James Pearson james-p at moving-picture.com
Fri Oct 4 04:45:09 PDT 2019

Ady Ady via Syslinux wrote:
>> We're using a CentOS 6 server running its native (ISC) dhcpd (v4.1.1)
>> and tftpd (v 0.49). I've installed syslinux.efi and ldlinux.e64 from the
>> syslinux-6.04-pre2 distro alongside the existing pxelinux.0
> Please avoid the official binaries from Syslinux 6.04-pre2 and
> 6.04-pre3. Additionally, the current git master head is not useful for
> troubleshooting.
> Whether the specific version actually has any kind of influence on
> these particular tests, I don't know (but, at any rate I would avoid
> the aforementioned versions anyway).
> Please try either official binaries from 6.04-pre1, or from current
> Debian Testing.
> Please avoid mixing Syslinux-related files from different
> versions/builds (within the same platform).

I tried with 6.04-pre1 - it made no difference, the same issue as with 

I had a look through the syslinux code, but I couldn't work out if 
syslinux.efi is responsible for the 2nd DHCP Discover I see via tcpdump 
(I can't pretend to understand the code, so I might not be looking in 
the right place)

i.e. is it syslinux.efi that tries a DHCP transaction between 
downloading syslinux.efi and downloading ldlinux.e64 - or is this done 
by the host's EFI PXE firmware ?


James Pearson

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