[syslinux] Making isolinux boot menu: problems

Brian Peregrine peregrinebrian at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 04:29:15 PDT 2019

Thanks Didier,

Stephanie used Anarchy Linux to make our menu work.

Regarding the missing instructions at

After comparing the (now working) menu with our old non-working menu
made using the instructions from the syslinux wiki page, she found
that it had many more .c32 files copied from /usr/share/syslinux and
there were a few critical ones to make the menu work.

Additional files required to make menu.c32 work:

vesamenu.c32 needed both of those plus:

These additional dependencies vs the simple non-menu boot were not
documented in the page on menus on

Perhaps the wiki page can be corrected ?


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