[syslinux] Problem with cascading configurations

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 5 21:28:06 PDT 2019

> Relocating ldlinux.c32 as you suggested didn't have any visible effect
> on the boot process. Error message and TFTP log entries are the same.
Adding ldlinux.c32 to the location where pxelinux.0 is located is only 
one part of the troubleshooting process. The addition to the "right" 
location might change the initial "working directory" (when comparing 
to the prior situation, originated/based on the netboot images' parent 
tree). This change might (or might not) be useful.

As I said in my prior email, the aforementioned addition/change cannot 
really resolve the (potential) conflict between Syslinux's versions.

One possible workaround for the versioning conflict (that might work in 
some cases) would be to use pxechn.c32 (from the same version as the 
active pxelinux.0 bootloader) instead of your CONFIG directive entries.

With CONFIG, the cfg files are (expected to be) parsed by the same 
version of Syslinux. Using pxechn.c32 instead, you first chainload the 
pxelinux.0 file/version that comes within the respective netboot.img.gz 
archive. From that point on, the "new" pxelinux.0 expects its 
corresponding ldlinux.c32 and all c32 modules that are already included 
within the same netboot image. As long as the Syslinux's binaries work 
correctly, the versioning conflict should no longer be a problem.

There are several places to look up for info about pxechn.c32, 
including the Syslinux wiki.


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