[syslinux] Issue with ldlinux.c32 when symlinked on Windows

john doe johndoe65534 at mail.com
Wed Sep 25 02:40:33 PDT 2019


I have successfully installed Debian using PXE boot and the local tftp
server of Qemu.
To do that I grab a copy of netboot.tar.gz for the amd64 architecture
from the debian website for Buster (10.1), extracted it then recreate
the symlink found:
- mklink ldlinux.c32 debian-installer\amd64\boot-screens\ldlinux.c32
- mklink pxelinux.0 debian-installer\amd64\pxelinux.0
- mklink /D pxelinux.cfg debian-installer\amd64\pxelinux.cfg

I start Qemu for Windows with the following command:

qemu-system-x86_64.exe -boot n -net
user,tftp=debian\netboot\text,bootfile=pxelinux.0 -net nic

I get the following error:

"Failed to load ldlinux.c32
Boot failed: press a key to retry, or wait for reset..."

As shown above, the file ldlinux.c32 can not be downloaded because it is
a symlink, if I do remove the symlink and copy the file in the tftp root
directory it works.
Why is it not working when the symlink is used?

Looking online didn't help me understanding this behavior.

I appriciate any help.

John Doe

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