[syslinux] extlinux - Failed to load ldlinux.c32

Pierre-Philipp Braun pbraun at nethence.com
Mon Jul 20 23:48:27 PDT 2020

Hello there

I built development version of syslinux from git 6.04-pre3-3-(sometag) 
and I am trying to boot a slackware-current system with it.  I do not 
use a separated partition for `/boot`.  It's just `/dev/sda1` here for 
`/` and `/boot` is just a folder.  I simply use `mbr.bin` against a DOS 
partition table and the first partition having the bootable flag.

With this layout, the only way I manage to get syslinux/extlinux up and 
running, has always been to use `/` as installation directory.

         extlinux --install /

When ever I try one of the following

         extlinux --install /boot

         extlinux --install /boot/syslinux

the boot process fails to find `ldlinux.c32`.

Is this a known problem?  A I doing something wrong?  Why can't I use 
`/boot` or `/boot/syslinux` instead of `/`?

It's not a very big issue, as I just use `/` as a workaround, but I feel 
this prevents syslinux/extlinux to be used as a default bootloader for 
distros that would consider it as an alternative to LILO or GRUB.  One 
usually wants things to be in `/boot` on GNU/Linux, though the UNIX 
tradition rather let's the kernel live in `/`.


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