[syslinux] Problems compiling syslinux on Debian 10

Fungilife can be eternal fungilife at protonmail.com
Thu Oct 20 12:40:25 PDT 2022

One of the reasons I ended up on this list was the inability to build any of the last versions of syslinux on Arch a year or more ago.  The binary pkg itself in arch repositories must be the oldest pkg on Arch repositories, compressed with xz instead of the default zst now.  Dated back in Dec2019, so it is going to turn 3 now.
Its last published recipe (Pkgbuild) is unbuildable now and has been sing Sept/21

In Void the situation is similar, with built pkg  syslinux-6.03_8 

So we are stuck on a mailing-list of software we can no longer build but for some odd reason the old versions built years ago still work.

If we open a discussion on "fOss" and how binaries are published with unbuildable source ... it may be a long hot discussion before it ever ends.

I have found sw built with invalid or failing gpg keys, incorrect checksums, file conflicts that vanish between binaries, etc. .etc.. with very popular distros.  I even had my note with corrections deleted from git... a couple of times.  Theoretically that would have been a "contribution" ...


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