[syslinux] Question on memdisk with UEFI boot.

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at guam.net
Fri Jan 13 03:58:29 PST 2023

On Fedora machines I've gotten the memtest to work 
using this:
menuentry 'Memtest' {
	echo 'Loading memdisk'
	linux16 /memdisk iso
	echo 'Loading iso'
	initrd16 /memtest86+-5.31b.iso

Recently tried doing it with a UEFI boot, but seems the 
linux16 isn't supported, and probable not the initrd16 
either. Trying to install the memtest-setup results in not 

Have generally included memtest as part of my G4L 
project since on occassions machines with flaky memory 
are strained with disk imaging. 

If booted from syslinux version with CD or USB setup, 
the option works fine with regular memtest.
LABEL memtest86-5.31b
    MENU LABEL ^M: memtest86+-5.31b
    Memory test Program to insure system Ram is Good
    LINUX memtest

With grub4dos version that has both legacy and UEFI 
boot options the earlier version with memdisk works 
with legacy, but fails with UEFI boot.

Seems the free memtest doesn't work with UEFI, and 
can't include the commerical one that does?

Just wondering. Took over maintaining G4L back in 2004 
with it using syslinux and has been fine. Just had some 
uses get machines that no longer support legacy boot 
and required UEFI, so found grub4dos works for both on 
same image. 


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