[syslinux] 1722 Floppy with syslinux

hjubin at bea.com hjubin at bea.com
Thu Dec 5 07:46:22 PST 2002

Dear sir,
I am trying to set a boot disk with a minimalistic linux on it
i runned the following make/script file in order to create the floppy disk:
@echo "Insert Boot/Root disk (1/1, 1722) and press enter"
         @read answer
         fdformat /dev/fd0u1722
         syslinux -s boot.dsk
         mount -o loop -t vfat boot.dsk floppy
         cp bootinfo floppy
         cp syslinux.cfg floppy
         @cp ../linux floppy
         @cp ../initrd.gz floppy
         @echo " Files copied:"
         @ls -al floppy
         umount floppy
the syslinux.cfg:
default linux
prompt 1
timeout 30
display bootinfo
append initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/ram

label linux
   kernel linux

When booting this floppy i get the following message
"Boot failed"
I am completly blocked on this matter and i would like to use
syslinux for this floppy.  I looked in the news group and no luck!
Thanks for your time

*Henri Jubin
BEA Systems*

email: *hjubin at bea.com* <mailto:hjubin at bea.com>,
tel: +33(0)1 41 45 56 70 ,
mob: +33(0)6 22 11 12 00

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