[syslinux] Memdisk and Grub

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Dec 11 10:56:59 PST 2002

Christian Kalkhoff wrote:
>>Why bother with diskemu/memdisk anyway... why not just do a native
>>ISOLINUX boot?
> I need the bootable checking facility of bootscriptor 1.2. It checks
> wether 0x80 has boot signature and presents either a grub bootdisk
> chainloading 0x80 and offer to install new system or run rescue system.
> Chainloading is automatically done after 10 seconds in this case.
> The other disk contains the same except the boot lokal disk and therefor
> it has no default boot. This CDROM is used in a Colocation server
> environment and is put to a serial line. Serial stuff is done by GRUB.

ISOLINUX does serial port stuff just fine.  As far as I understand,
bootscriptor runs on top of ISOLINUX, so again, I really see no need for
GRuB anywhere in your system.


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