[syslinux] tftp images copy

Felix Grobert groebert.felix at diakonie-duisburg.de
Tue Dec 10 00:44:25 PST 2002

hi peter,
i just have a very small question about pxelinux,
i use pxe - dhcp - tftp and
boot: tftpboot.img initrd=root.bin

tftpboot.img is a kernel and root.bin an ramdisk for a debian gnu/linux 
installation system.

the problem is: i can't get the installation system going b/c i need more 
files, rescue.bin and drivers.tgz, but i don't have access to the tftp 

would i have to include those into the ramdisk? or do you know if i could 
copy those from the tftpd to a local partition, when the network is still 

thanks, felix

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