[syslinux] Re: pxelinux kernel fails vaio c1mzx

Mark Emery emerym at citymax.org
Thu Dec 12 14:35:08 PST 2002

> This is getting to be such an FAQ it's silly.  Anyone want to maintain a
> FAQ for this mailing list?

Anyone know of a tool that would compile a master FAQ from email
messages posted to it?

My idea is to mail a FAQ-sub@ address with a message. Q: starts the
question, A: starts the answer.  It would be sent on to the moderator(s)
who just read it and hits Reply if it's to be added to the FAQ.

One thing I'd put in the FAQ is a note about Kernel Panics and messages
about 'init not found' when booting up using pxelinux & NFS.

I messed about for days, seaching news groups etc. In the end it came
down to missing library files in the NFS mounted root file system.  I'd
been lazzy and copied files from a running system, missing the odd
library in doing so.

I'm now up and running on a PII-350 'X Terminal' with 196MB RAM.  It's
fast and *very* quiet. I'm going to build another one and make a Ogg
Vorbis player for the HiFi :o)

Many thanks for a great tool!


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