[syslinux] Allwell doesn't respond to OACK with ACK in TFTP

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Feb 5 03:02:09 PST 2002


Neologism <Neologism at POBox.COM> schrieb am 05.02.02:
> I should have mentioned what the internal ROM looks like.  It identifies
> itself thusly:
>     Intel LANDesk (R) Service Agent, version 0.99b
>     Copyright (C) 1997  Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.
>     DHCP MAC ADDR: [snip]
>     PXE-EA1: No PXE server found, using standard boot file.
>     IP ADDR:
>     PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout.
>     PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout.
>     PXE-M0F: Exiting LANDesk Service Agent.
> I'm doing more research now on PXE, hoping to get that to work instead
> (the server that came with Red Hat didn't work).

I've seen that there's some bios update for the allwell. Maybe this already includes a more recent rom (the actual version is 4.x, 0.99X is *very* outdated). 

There's also some possibility to boot this thing into dos mode (needed for the bios update ...), perhaps you can flash it this way with the 
newest rom available from intel.



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