[syslinux] isolinux + cloop

Matt sqlboy at playway.net
Fri Mar 14 14:06:43 PST 2003

Hi.  I am trying to build a bootable linux CD using isolinux and a cloop
image.  I am a bit lost right now.

What I have done is built a custom distro on a seperate partition on my
hard drive.  I can boot to it with Grub no problem.  I've added the
ioslinux directory with isolinux.bin, isolinux.cfg, a kernel (with
initrd, loopback, iso support), and an initrd file.

My next mission is to some how make it a bootable CD distro with certain
directories mounted on a tempfs so some files can be writable.  It would
also be nice to try and auto detect the network card.  I've been doing
research for the last couple days and I'm pretty much stuck.  Any help
at all would be greatly appreciated.



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