[syslinux] Re: PXElinux can't load the config file

Ciprian Paunescu cip at k.ro
Thu Mar 20 21:44:11 PST 2003


"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> wrote:
>Ciprian Paunescu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am working on a cluster of PCs, and I want to
>> boot them from an SGI IRIX machine.
>> The PCs use Supermicro XEON MB, with dual GigE built in.
>> They have Intel Boot Agent GE v 1.1.09 and PXE 2.1 (083).
>> I have DHCP and TFTP on the IRIX machine, pxelinux.0
>> loads, but it can't load the configuration file?
>> tftp on the host tries to send the file, but data
>> transfers do not receive ACKs.
>> I got tftp-hpa to compile on the IRIX box, but it doesn't
>> work any better. Any ideeas on what is wrong, and
>> how can I fix it?
>Looks like the PXE stack has a problem with UDP receive -- the transmit
>side obviously works. I would hunt for a firmware upgrade; it sounds
>like they have some pretty ancient PXE stack.
> -hpa

Thanks for the quick answer.
Somehow the PXE firmware manages to load PXELinux
properly, it's the pxelinux that can't load anything
(of course, using the PXE stack).
As far as I can tell, the tfpt transfer for pxelinux.0
starts with the same "code 6" from the server, followed
by a "packet 0 ack" from the client. Another difference is that the
pxelinux.0 load uses the proper tftp server IP,
but the "cfg" load does a full broadcast. Could that be
the problem?
The firmware is the only one I can find since the MB is the Supermicro
X5DPE-G2, it hasn't been around that long.



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