[syslinux] mkisofs bug ?

toma daniel toma_daniel2k at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 23:19:43 PST 2003

I need to make a iso image with the filesystem like
nero does and i need it for the windows platform not
for linux... 
I need something that does not restrict filenames, it
doesn't boder me that are shortnames as long as it
let's me access the directory or filename.
This is the commandline I use to compile my iso file:

%BASEDIR%\isolinux\buildcd\win32\mkisofs -r -log-file
log.txt -J -l -relaxed-filenames %CD_VERBOSE% -volid
%CD_APPID% -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -no-emul-boot
-boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -hide boot.catalog
-hide-joliet boot.catalog -o bootcd.iso %BASEDIR%

Can anyone help please because when I use a filename
or directoryname wich contains the space character it
whon't let run/access it. I think this is a bug in mkisofs.

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