[syslinux] Booting Linux off a CF card

Vikram Vaswani vikram at w-o-i.com
Mon Mar 31 03:41:40 PST 2003


I am not sure if I am posting this question in the right place, so please
forgive me if this is an error :)

I am completely new to using Linux off a flash card, but I need to do it as
a project for my office. We have an 8MB CF card, which is connected to my
Linux box via an IDE adapter. I need to somehow make the system boot off
the CF card and give me a shell prompt.

I have managed to mount the card under Linux as /dev/hdc and also format 1t
to ext2 - but cannot figure out how to boot it.

Can someone direct me to a link or detailed document that explains how to
do this?


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