[syslinux] localboot not working in PXELINUX 2.02

Dan Dunham ddunham at collab.net
Mon Mar 31 15:19:15 PST 2003


We're using the PXELINUX to boot remote kickstart and Linux rescue
images.  Recently we got some new hardware (Compaq DL360) which
required me to upgrade from PXELINNUX 1.75 to 2.02.  Everything works
fine on the new hardware, but the "localboot 0" option now just hangs
on some of our older boxes.

Specifically, our "Tyan Thunder 2510" motherboards with integrated
Intel NICs just hangs when I choose the localboot option.  This option
works fine with PXELINUX 1.75.

The PXE version string reads:

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (Build 082)

I've searched the SYSLINUX mailing list archives, and have found
reports of similar problems with PXELINUX version 2.0, but I could not
find any resolution.


Dan Dunham
ddunham at collab.net

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