[syslinux] UNDI - Rom-O-Matic -- A bit off topic..

Harald_Jensas at Dell.com Harald_Jensas at Dell.com
Fri Jul 29 04:20:49 PDT 2005


I work in Dell Support and I have a customer with a PowerEdge 1650 Server with Intel® PRO/1000 XT (82544GC Gigabit Ethernet Controllers).
The nic is integrated on the motherboard.

The customer is using a Linux system with DHCP+tftp to PXE boot and load an MS-Dos 6.22 image, with an UNDI driver, over to the PowerEdge 1650 and then map a Samba share to install Windows 2000.

The customer get the following problem:
If the Samba Server is located on a different subnet from the PowerEdge 1650 data transfer fail's, Some of the files are corrupt after transfer.
However if the Samba Server is locater on the same subnet, it works just fine.

The customer has this same problem with several PE 1650, while other systems like PE1750 and 1850 has no problems.

  Now to my questions:

- How does the UNDI work?
  	- I belive:  the PXE boot code in the BIOS configures the NIC to be in "UNDI mode"?

	- Does a Rom-O-Matic created Boot Floppy also set the NIC in "UNDI mode" as well? (If not, any other option?)

The customer belive the BootCode in the Dell BIOS is causing this problem. 
  I am thinking: 
	- If he boot with a Rom-O-Matic created disk instead of using the BIOS boot code, we can verifi if this is a problem with the Boot Code in the Dell BIOS or not. 

What do you think?

Best regards
Harald Jensås
Nordic Server Support
Dell AB
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