[syslinux] IPAPPEND option?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Oct 10 14:48:09 PDT 2005

Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> So if I want both BOOTIF an ip environment variables I
> do
> is that correct?


> Ok reason for asking is this I have lots of machines
> with multiple ethernet interfaces and I do not want it
> to try one interface for boot up and then a different
> interface for getting an address. I'd rather it use
> the same interface both times.
> I have these machines in a cluster and want them
> not to have to have dhcpcd or dhclient on them if they
> don't need it.


> so it would be better and more
> streamlined to pass the ip information via environment
> variables. Thats what IPAPPEND is for right? So that
> means "IPAPPEND 3" will create the "ip" environment
> variable and "BOOTIF" environment variable correct?

It will, but this is exactly the wrong way of doing things.  Really, you 
are much, much better off running a proper DHCP client.  For one thing, 
it will honour the lease system, and is capable of carrying more 


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