[syslinux] extlinux - Failed to load ldlinux.c32

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Thu Jul 23 00:46:58 PDT 2020

Le 23/07/2020 à 09:05, Pierre-Philipp Braun via Syslinux a écrit :
> I do not succeed building 6.03 nor 6.04-pre1 on slackware current with GCC 9 anyway.  This is why I was using the development branch.
> v6.04-pre1 make install and installers were complaining so I used its binaries right away as such (I tried both / and /boot/syslinux/)
>         dd if=./bios/mbr/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda
>         ./bios/extlinux/extlinux --install /
>         cp -f ./bios/com32/lib/libcom32.c32 /
>         cp -f ./bios/com32/mboot/mboot.c32 /
> but in the end I got the same error as previously:
>     Failed to load ldlinux.c32


You may consider this answer off topic, but here goes. 

I have already suggested to Patrick that the syslinux package, currently at version 4.07,  be not upgraded.

Version 6 brings support for EFI, but for that Slackware uses elilo and in my humble opinion it will be simpler for users to use grub 2.06 for EFI as well as legacy booting.

I have suggested that grub become the default boot manager in the installer of Slackware 15.

Best regards,


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