by H. Peter Anvin

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{ Tracking SYSLINUX development with GIT }

Since September 2005, SYSLINUX development has been done using the git source code control system by Linus Torvalds and Junio Hamano.

The following link points to the status page of the official development tree:;a=summary

To clone the repository for your own development, install the git-core and cogito software packages, and run:

mkdir working-directory
cd working-directory
cg-clone -s

You can then make changes and cg-commit them to your own repository, thus maintaining a parallel branch of development. Furthermore, you can use the command cg-update origin to update your tree with upstream changes. The gitk tool will show you a visual history of the repository.

For more information about GIT, see an overview, the tutorial, or the man pages.

For more information about Cogito, a user-friendly wrapper around git developed by Petr Baudis, see the documentation.