Begging for ca$h [tux]
by H. Peter Anvin

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{ How to help me fund my Linux habit }
I am trying to make my Linux habit as self-supporting as possible. Linux is my full-time job these days, as I work for rPath, Inc.; but even so it is obviously not realistic to expect them to be able to fully fund everything I do.

Working on large-scale computer projects requires equipment, and at this time my personal finances are such that it's hard to put unlimited amounts of money into Linux.

Please note that all these projects are, and will remain, Free (Open Source) Software. You do not have to pay me to use them. However, if you'd like to see future development, it would be nice.

Currently my Linux work includes, but is not limited to, the following projects:

{ Donating hardware }
If you're interested in donating hardware, please contact me first, to make sure I can actually use it. I don't want to take your stuff and not use it.

Special thanks to:

{ Donating money }
If you're interested in donating money, I have set up an account through PayPal. If you prefer snailmail, if you're considering a sizable contribution, or if you want to sponsor specific enhancements on a contract basis, please contact me first.

Please do not donate if you are:

If you are, you need your money more than I do. Really. A friendly email letting me know how you're using my software is always appreciated, though.